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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

KELIS Brings Back Her Edginess and 'Creative' Relevance Through Latest 'BOSS' Photo Shoot

R&B singer KELIS really owned up to her hiatus of producing an album by doing a photo shoot (for Hunger Magazine) in which her entire demeanor speaks BOLDNESS and CONFIDENCE, at the same time, sensuality. It's the kind of shoot that shows she means BUSINESS, as she's releasing an LP for 2012.

Kelis has long been an eccentric and unique dresser with outlandish shoes, dresses, and especially HAIR! See more of Kelis' photo shoot and her past pics below:

kelis 2



As you can see, a lot of ARTISTIC EXPRESSION is in Kelis' hair styles and her attire, too.
I'm also feeling Kelis' Tom Ford tortoise sunglasses in the above pic.

Pic: Google/ MTO/ That Grape Juice

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