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Thursday, December 29, 2011

JAY-Z At B-Ball Game In IDEAL Denim Outfit and Air Yeezy Sneakers

Jay-Z is rarely featured here in my blog due to his lackluster style sometimes, but today... looks like he got it right!

Check out the above picture of Jay's denim jeans and matching denim shirt, along with a new colorway of Air Yeezy sneakers (Kanye West's Nike design).

*Clapping* Good job, man!

Oh BTW, I went into Macy's on Dec. 28, 2011 and got a BARGAIN DEAL on two Levi's denim jackets (one bleached, one gray) for a total of $52.00! Original price for each jacket was $78.00! That means if at original price, I would have paid around $160.00 (tax included)!! $52.00 is EXCELLENT!!!

Pic: MTO

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