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Saturday, September 10, 2011

The 'STAR' Trend: Printed Dresses and Pants In Star Graphics

Stars Wearing Stars

This is becoming a noticeable trend. Women are starting to wear garments with star graphics. If some of you may say 'SO?', do recognize that it's still a trend and they've taken something that's been hidden for years (STAR GRAPHIC UNDERWEAR) and made it in the form of leggings, dresses, blouses, and more.

Check it out.

Stars Wearing StarsLa La Vasquez Wearing Stars

Kim Kardashian and LaLa Vasquez-Anthony

Pic: Celebuzz

Friday, September 9, 2011

BEYONCE Promotes New 'DEREON' Line-- Whole New Flavor, Whole New Level of Attraction


Beyonce is lighting up communities and villages around the world with the forecoming of JAYONCE (Bey and Jay).

Now she's lighting up urban areas with her new DEREON line. Check out the peacock-inspired hoodie and skin-tight mini-dress (above).

More pics to come...

What Happened To ALI LOHAN's Face??

Ali Lohan (Before)

Ladies and gentlemen, this is PLASTIC SURGERY IN OVERDRIVE.
I just happened to browse the web a few days ago when I came across this whole hype about Lindsay Lohan's sister, Ali. The commotion was about her plastic surgery (in this day and age, who hasn't has pplastic surgery in Hollywood?)

But I did see the BEFORE AND AFTER pics...
WHOA (scroll below).

Ali Lohan Steps Out in Beverly Hills
Ali Lohan (after)

This is way too much. Remember when we thought Lindsay needed an intervention?? Now tell me who needs one now. Why did Ali screw up her face??!!! SHE LOOKED A LOT HOTTER BEFORE!


Pic: Celebuzz/ Google

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

LIL MAMA's Edgy Photo Shoot (I don't think she looks like a man)

Lil Mama recently did a photo shoot for MAMi Magazine, and she did pretty well with it, despite other people calling her 'A MAN IN DRAG' or 'BORN A BOY.'

I like the whole concept of it... SPACE AGE and CRAZINESS (Don't you feel a Grace Jones vibe?). But I have a feeling some of you may say otherwise, but I'm entitled to my 'CORRECT' opinion on my blog *LOL*

Pic: MTO

NICKI MINAJ Was Looking Plenty Colorful--- Like Some Girls At My Job

Nicki Minaj looked like she was dipping through the rainbow for different colored items. Green rain boots. Pink airbrushed 'Barbie' hat. Tight black leggings. Orange couture purse. 


I see some young women (customers) dressed like this at my job. Are they trying to be Nicki, eclectic, free-spirited?? I don't know. All I know that this is PLAIN WILD; I'm still captured by it, though.

Pic: MTO

Esquire Magazine Names RIHANNA As Sexiest Woman Alive


Esquire Magazine has named RIHANNA as sexiest woman alive. Do you believe it?

The short video of Rihanna seems to confuse some of its viewers (including myself since I'm a huge Rihanna fan) because she's rubbing dirt on herself and it's just a little pointless.

It is reported that hundreds of thousands preferred others like Beyonce and Katrina Bowden.
But if it (the video) was done in a different way, like a 'California King Bed' setting or 'Rude Boy,' it would definitely help Rihanna.

Pic: Rap Up

BEYONCE Sports Baby Bump On Croatia Vacation

Beyoncé and Jay-Z

As many of you know, Beyonce is pregnant (YAY!) and was spotted with husband JAY-Z while on vacation in Croatia. She was wearing a nice and simple ruffled swimsuit, sporting her baby bump.

Can't wait for JAYONCE to get here... *LoL*

Pic: Rap-UP

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ray-J, Really?? This is NOT a Trend-setting Haircut... especially in your 30s!!

Reality star and singer Ray-J revealed his new haircut to the public, expressing that the hairstyle is a TREND-SETTER. Umm... in my opinion, which is usually close to a fact, the hairstyle goes back into the 2000s and it definitely is not a good look for a man Ray-J's age.

Mohawk? Cool.
Waves? Cool.
3 Stripes on the temple? Cool
Head all marked up like 'above'? NO.

Pic: MTO

Monday, September 5, 2011

ELIJAH CONNOR from 'Ultimate Merger' On TV One COOOLD Style

Check out Detroit native ELIJAH CONNOR (from TV One's 'Ultimate Merger' Reality show) with his ice-cold style. I just wanted to run it by you. If you ever watched 'Ultimate Merger', you would immediately notice Elijah's keen eye for style.

Check out a few 'ELIJAH' looks:

He's reppin' Detroit pretty well in style. GET IT 'LIJAH!!

Pic: Google/ Facebook

Sunday, September 4, 2011

NICKI MINAJ 'The Lady' In Glamour Magazine

Check out Nicki Minaj setting herself apart from her BARBIE WAYS by doing a classy yet creative photo shoot with Glamour Magazine. She just might get the VOGUE spread soon, just by looking at the photos. Swathed in Dior, Christian Louboutin, and Dolce & Gabbana, Nicki did her best to remove herself from the Barbie aura she usually has, and just go CREATIVE HIGH FASHION.

This is where I like her.

This is for some reason STRIKINGLY BEAUTIFUL, especially the fur coat by Vionnet that's the focal point of her whole RED look.

Pic: Necole B***hie

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