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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ralph Lauren and JAIDEN: A Future Fashion Force

Of course you may recognize the guy on the left as Ralph Lauren. This is the guy who started Polo in 1967 with a tie, and then It just grew from there. Now spawning several items ranging from full line of clothing to fragrances, Lauren continues to inspire me with his works.

I started my own collection, Vintage Ties by Jaiden back in February of this year with a single tie and $8, and the rest is history. I have expanded into bowties, vests, purses, and now the 1st VTJ blazer which will be showcased on the WALK FASHION SHOW runway this December 8 (Detroit).

One day, my brand will be stellar, classic, iconic as Ralph Lauren, especially if my mind is set to it...

 FIRST VTJ BLAZER... giving Givenchy and Bakmain a run for its money lol... One day...  It's a step  in the right direction!

Pic: my own

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