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Thursday, July 28, 2011

RIHANNA Behind-the-Scenes Video of GLAMOUR Photo Shoot


Check out a BEHIND-THE-SCENES VIDEO of Rihanna in GLAMOUR Magazine photo shoot.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

LADY GAGA Goes Crazy... Once Again... in L.A. w/ Multiple Wardrobe Changes In One Day!

Lady Gaga Goes Wild in LA

Peep LADY GAGA, you little monsters...

Lady Gaga

GET IT, GAGA!! Gaga in all-blue; the suede Louboutins are a PLUS...

Lady Gaga

GAGA channels her inner- '60s and '70s with her all-white, flowing silk outfit to match her flowing locks...

THIS IS PURE ART IN FASHION, AT ITS FINEST. Who would have 3 different and DRAMATIC changes in wardrobe in ONE DAY... and not be performing in a concert?

Pic: Celebuzz

Art Inspiration: ASHANTI 'Teaser' Pic for Album

As I would state many times, I don't blog about music, but the 'FASHION AND ART' of people in music.

Feast your eyes on Ashanti's teaser pic of her upcoming album. She's reportedly been in the studio for about 3 years perfecting her work... and perfecting her great look as well. I'm liking the braided updo, big golden hoop earrings, a bodice with a gold metallic gown that steals the whole show.

Too hot to go on....

Pic: Celebuzz

Angela Simmons Spotted Wearing Giuseppe Zanotti Butterfly Sandals-- Smokin'!!

Check out Angela Simmons, socialite-all-her-own from the mega-rich Simmons family (Russell Simmons, Rev. Run, etc.). She is often seen hitting up the latest fashion shows and afterparty, wearing some hott, high-end clothes. Her sister, Vanessa, is the more low-key type.

Angela was wearing Giuseppe Zanotti Butterfly sandals with a nice short stretch dress to show off her legs; the pink toenail polish is a nice touch. Ladies, remember how to accessorize...

Angela Simmons Giuseppe 2

Pic: NecoleB***hie

Ohhh yeaaaaahhhh..... NO SHOE FREAK HERE... but those are nice...

CIARA In Sheer, Haute-Couture Dress

Check out CIARA in this hott, black number. The ruffles in the skirt accentuates the sheer folds of the upper half of the dress well. Then the satin slingback pumps accentuates this beauty's legs OH SO WELL.

More pics to come...

Pic: MTO

RIHANNA On Cover of GLAMOUR Magazine

Good look, RIHANNA!

Check out Rihanna on the cover of Glamour Magazine in her fiery red hair, white back-bearing top, and 97% sequined pants. Just plain hott.

Pic: MTO

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

DELUXE Presents 'Birth of the Cool" Collection for FA/2011

Deluxe   Fall/Winter 2011   Birth of the Cool Collection | Preview

I wanted to give someone, DELUXE (a Japanese designer), his props for making a lookbook that guys all over the world can love. check out his lookbook called 'Birth of the Cool', set for Fall 2011/Winter 2012.

Deluxe   Fall/Winter 2011   Birth of the Cool Collection | Preview

(Left) CAMO is becoming a big thing this season...
(Right) Interesting play on colors and material... love the shoes...

Deluxe   Fall/Winter 2011   Birth of the Cool Collection | Preview

(Left) Like the whole urban/suburban boy look. A nice man-bag to complement the shoes and hat
(Right) A nice look to follow for WINTER

Deluxe   Fall/Winter 2011   Birth of the Cool Collection | Preview

(Left and right) MY FAVORITE LOOKS!!


Pic: UpscaleHype

Just Don SNAKESKIN CAPS!!! Love 'em, Gotta Have 'Em!!!

Check out these Just Don x RSVP snakeskin caps. Now, I don't wear a lot of caps, but when I do, I like to have a good one of good quality (plus I like exotic skins) so a snakeskin cap will do!!!

In stores soon!
Pic: UpscaleHype

Sunday, July 24, 2011

NICKI MINAJ Spotted Out Lookin' Good In Her Black Bob and Orange Wedges!

It's been a minute...

I haven't posted on Nicki Minaj in quite a few weeks. but here she is in her BARBIE GLORY, wearing her orange wedges, decent outfit--by Nicki standards-- and her crisp black bob. As many of you know, Nicki Minaj isn't just known for just her music but for her loud and captivating style; she's dubbed the BLACK LADY GAGA.


(Opening Ceremony Margot Wedges- appx $365 -sale-)

Do YOU, Ma!!

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