Note: The following pics do not necessarily reflect the views of The Only Jaiden; this is STRICTLY from a 'fashion' perspective.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

KELIS's Crazy, Crazy Jewelry Style in Duran-Duran Performance

Looks like Kelis is tryin' to do her old days of her risque jewelry and interesting, dark clothing (it's usually that way, but I can REALLY see the old days in these pictures. She was performing with Duran Duran a few days ago.

Check out another picture and view (Found on NecoleB***hie):

Kelis and Duran Duran
Kelis back to black

Major WOW!!!!

HOTT Ladies At The Knicks Game: LaLa, Kim Kardashian, Angela Simmons

Wassup... I just posted on Kim Kardashian and then I ran into this... more HOTT women here in excellent, excellent style. Women readers, this should be your "NIGHT ON THE TOWN" lookbook.

Check out LaLa Vasquez, the newest wife on the New York Knicks, her best friend Kim Kardashian, and socialite Angela Simmons.

Great looks, thumbs up from THE ONLY JAIDEN!

Kim Kardashian and Lala at Knicks Game

KIM KARDASHIAN Looks in Late 2010-2011

Kim Kardashian ELLEGirl

It's a slow day, so I thought I'd post some pictures of Kim Kardashian in her hott fashion, just to keep the FASHION JUICES flowing:

Kim Kardashian Dines Out at STKKim Kardashian Shows Her Curves at International Dance Academy

(Left) Dropping off her Rolls-Royce Ghost at the valet
(Right) Going to work out


(Left) Shopping with the fam
(Right) With her sister Khloe Kardashian-Odom

Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian at Macy's

(Left) Getting ice cream...
(Right) Promoting her perfume

You can tell that I'm bored...
but I definitely don't want you to be....

Friday, March 25, 2011

Tyler Perry's "Jersey Shore" Promo of Snooki *LoL*

Too funny... Tyler Perry's movie "Madea's Big Happy Family" is coming soon. So... here's a promo of Madea as "Snooki" on Jersey Shore. Is this fashion... I mean for my blog?? In a comedic way.... YESSSSSS!!!!!

NeNe Leakes w/ Taylor Armstrong (Housewives of Beverly Hills) Out On the Town

Housewives of Atlanta reality star NeNe Leakes and Housewives of Beverly Hills castmate Taylor Armstrong were spotted out enjoying paparazzi and fun. They looked great as well, especially NeNe with her form-fitting jersey dress and Christian Louboutins.

NeNe is apparently supposed to be starring on the HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS show!!!

WHAAAT???!!! Awkward black dot on a white sheet of paper... just sayin'.... You never know.... IT could work. See more pics of the pair holding hands and going into a steakhouse.

FYI: NeNe is not THAT big; I met her in Detroit one time, and she was my height when she was in heels.
I'm 6'0. Just sayin'....

NeNe and me, 'JAIDEN'

Pic: YBF

WILL SMITH Revives His "Fresh Prince" Days In FRESH Outfit

This powerhouse-- WILL SMITH-- the guy that rakes billions of dollars for movie companies, the guy whose daughter has people "whipping their hair" all over the world (Willow Smith), the guy who has a get-better-with-age wife, and--- this dude just has it all.

Sidenote: He's rehearsing for Men In Black III.

Will Smith seems to revive his FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR days by wearing an equally fresh outfit. Wearing ALEXANDER McQUEEN jeans and NIKE BLAZER sneakers for $100, he's just killing the game effortlessly.

Pic: UpscaleHype

Thursday, March 24, 2011

LOL: Gabourey Sidibe's Long Lost Sister!! (Fash, Crash, and Burn)

WOW... Ease up on the foundation, gurl.....

This belongs in my FASH, CRASH, AND BURN category. Sorry Precious....
This will only be acceptable if you were going to a fun, REALLY FUN party and not a "regular" party.

Media Takeout is somethin' else... far-fetched...but still funny...

A Cool Black T: Joe Jonas' Graphic "Heart" T-Shirt

Joe Jonas

Sometimes wearing a simple black T-shirt needs to have a lil' more of something to it. Like a pocket T-shirt would handsomely accomodate a handkerchief, and a black T-shirt can have even the smallest of graphics, like JOE JONAS' Comme Des Garcon T-shirt. Judging by the shirt and his break up with Ashley Greene (not that I care; just sayin'...), he's available for the girls who want him.

Brightens up the whole shirt and has a deep meaning to it, doesn't it?

Joe Jonas

Pic: Celebuzz

Keyshia Cole's Hott Guiseppe Zanotti Heels Heat Up Her Performance

check out Keyshia Cole slimmed down and belting out a live performance recently. The 'talk of town' was not really her performance, but her attention-grabbing heels by shoe great Guiseppe Zanotti (falls in same line as Christian Louboutin).

You like? I like. If you don't like, then I don't like you. LOL, just kiddin'....

Maaan... just love 'em... sexy on any lady...

Pic: NecoleB***hie

AMY WINEHOUSE In Argyle Dress; Looks Better Than Ever!

Just doin' a fly-by this morning; Amy Winehouse (spotted in London) really looks great, a far cry from her "dirty" self that included holes in her stockings and dirty feet..

She wore a nice Fred Perry argyle dress for $148.

Pic: UpscaleHype

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sneaker of the Day: Y-3 (Yohji Yamamoto) Neo Classic High Sneakers

These are very interesting. I guess you're wondering how this made it into my "Sneaker of the Day" post. Well, uniqueness always trumps. The sneakers above looks like a $290 sock... as a matter of fact, IT IS A $290 'SOCK'. The sneaker has a sockliner and it's lightweight to feel like a sock.

Very OUTER-SPACE, DIFFERENT; I LIKE IT. Would I wear it, though? No.

In Memoriam of ELIZABETH TAYLOR (1932-2011)

WOW... that's a pretty white woman. If THIS was in 2011... watch out!!

In respect of the royal woman of glamour, fashion, and beauty, I want to post a few pictures of Elizabeth Taylor, the one who many women across the world looked up to and many men, as well, doubled back to look at this gorgeous figurine who was the centerpiece of magazines and the big screen for decades.

Elizabeth Taylor (Feb. 27, 1932- Mar. 23, 2011)

You will be missed...

KIM KARDASHIAN Does Dangerous Photo Shoot With Tiger (No, it did not eat her!!)

Kim Kardashian and tiger (left) for photo shoot

You can tell she was clearly scared. The tiger has to be restrained by a trainer while the Kardashians took a family picture. Now, I have done a few photo shoots, but I don't know if I'll be ready to do something to THAT extreme; if it does happen.....OOOOOK.

See what else Kim had to say about the photo shoot:

"I tried posing with the white tiger at our family photo shoot for Keeping Up with the Kardashians season six last week, but I was so scared!!!! The tiger had to get into position on his own! It was freakkkky! He got a little frisky so the trainer had to come help out. This is probably one of the scariest moments I’ve had during a photo shoot."
- Kim Kardashian

The Shoes CHRIS BROWN Wore On The Day Of His "GMA" Outburst

...And he sure looked stylish doing it, too.... *SMH*
I'm a trip (meaning 'silly guy')....

These are Jeremy Scott x Adidas Clear "Wings" Sneakers for $185. Whoopi Goldberg wore the same thing on the same day, on "The View."

Hours After the AFTERMATH:

Chris Brown Shoots Hoops in NYCChris Brown Goood Morning America
Chris Brown
Pic: UpscaleHype/ Celebuzz

Nightcap: Jennifer Hudson In Her Little Black Dress... with a TWIST

Jennifer Hudson continues to amaze with her tiny little waist and big voice; it's equally amazing at how much air comes out of J-Hud's stomach to produce such a big voice to captivate the deep of hearts of audiences worldwide.

Check J-Huds' little black dress; it's played up by being covered with silver sequins, done RIGHT with black Christian Louboutin platform heels.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

You Just Can't Go Wrong in All Black: Jay-Z, Cyhi Da Prince... and ME!!!

Cyhi Da Prince in Vanson Leather Perfecto Jacket for $995

Check out people dressed in all BLACK, BLACK, BLACK. You can see this in many of my posts, even out on the streets. Black is not an evil color. Black is a CAN'T GO WRONG and it's very, very, very COOL.

WHY?? 'Cuz I'm wearing it *LoL*

Kanye West in custom 'Yeezy' BALMAIN jacket and Jay-Z in RICK OWENS jacket

Yours Truly, The Only Jaiden (Joshua) in Blac Label jacket and Aldo boots w/ custom chain laces


Recap: CHRIS BROWN's 2010 Fake Neck Tattoo + (NEW) Outburst On Day Of FAME Album Release

Celebrity Tattoos – Chris Brown Tattoo

Chris Brown FAKELY added yet another tattoo to his collection that is already compiled on his chest and arms.  It was a neck tattoo for a MOVIE back in 2010. The tats form artful tattoo sleeves, but somewhere the line has to be drawn!!!

I really don't approve of neck tattoos!! They're not good for business!! I have 7 tattoos, but they're all placed where where they can be subtlely covered up when I go in for a business meeting.

But hey... it's Chris's body and judging by all those tattoos that Chris has... it doesn't look like he's gonna stop!! Please don't actually get a neck tattoo, bro-bro...


Chris Brown and Robin Roberts during Good Morning America on Tuesday, March 22, 2011.

TMZ reported that Chris Brown did an interview with Robin Roberts from "Good Morning America." And just like Rihanna doesn't like it, Chris doesn't either: Robin brought up the 2009 incident again!! Chris played it cool...

But it was a different story afterwards. After the interview, he broke a window at the GMA studios out of anger... more updates coming!

Daaaang... calm down bro, before you get arrested on the day of your album release! Nice shoes, though...

Chris Brown GMA

Pic: MediaTakeout / TMZ

Sad and Happy News: Soulja Boy's Lil Bro Dies + Chris Brown Album F.A.M.E. Out Today!!

In off-color news this morning (I AM SO SORRY TO RELEASE SAD NEWS LIKE THIS ON THIS GREAT MORNING), Soulja Boy's 14-year-old brother had passed away last night (3/20/11) in a car accident. I have a 15-year-old brother and he is SO DEAR to my heart. Ohhh man, I couldn't take it when I heard those news; tears came to my eyes.

My brother, too, was in a car accident years ago (at 11 years old), and he was seriously injured with injuries to his face and neck. I remember the call from the hospital about him, VIVID to the ABSOLUTE. I am so fortunate that he has fully recovered. Prayer SERIOUSLY, SERIOUSLY, SERIOUSLY.... Works!!!!

Okay enough, on to BRIGHTER NEWS.

Chris Brown's highly publicized and very artistic (I love the ARTS) album, F.A.M.E., comes out today! Short news, I know, but music isn't my niche although the suggestion and the arts behind it is.... and thats's FASHION!! *Fist bump to all of you*  

Pic: Various

Monday, March 21, 2011

RIHANNA Slams Magazine For Bringing Up Chris Brown During Her Photo Shoot!

RIHANNA did an interview and photo shoot with Fabolous Magazine a while back (judging by her dress, around the time she was last at Saturday Night Live) and the issue was recently released, and she reportedly snaps at an interviewer when asked about Chris Brown.

Ohhh, now I know why Rihanna lifted the restraining order on Chris Brown. She has no ILL-WILL towards him; she just wants to MOVE ON.

WELL, check out a portion of her interview and pics, and the SNAP at the interviewer:

Rihanna Fabulous Magazine

Today, she’s not quite as forthcoming when the subject of Brown is broached. The mere mention of his name prompts a change in atmosphere and a sharp: “Excuse me?”
When asked again she snaps: “Next. You obviously want to talk about Chris Brown, I don’t.”
Point taken. 'Fabolous Magazine'
I feel her, I wouldn't want anybody bringing up some negative subject over and over and over again...

Pic: NecoleB***hie

JUSTIN BIEBER Tops Michael Jackson 'King of Pop' In U.S. Box Office

No, you did not read it wrong. Remember Michael Jackson's documentary "This Is It" Video? It grossed $72.1 MILLION in the U.S, box office; Justin Bieber's "Never Say Never" grossed $72.2 MILLION.

That is HUGE, but...

Michael Jackson still reigns because "This Is It" was even LARGER overseas, well over $100 MILLION in sales.

Pic:Google/ Celebuzz

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