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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Recap: CHRIS BROWN's 2010 Fake Neck Tattoo + (NEW) Outburst On Day Of FAME Album Release

Celebrity Tattoos – Chris Brown Tattoo

Chris Brown FAKELY added yet another tattoo to his collection that is already compiled on his chest and arms.  It was a neck tattoo for a MOVIE back in 2010. The tats form artful tattoo sleeves, but somewhere the line has to be drawn!!!

I really don't approve of neck tattoos!! They're not good for business!! I have 7 tattoos, but they're all placed where where they can be subtlely covered up when I go in for a business meeting.

But hey... it's Chris's body and judging by all those tattoos that Chris has... it doesn't look like he's gonna stop!! Please don't actually get a neck tattoo, bro-bro...


Chris Brown and Robin Roberts during Good Morning America on Tuesday, March 22, 2011.

TMZ reported that Chris Brown did an interview with Robin Roberts from "Good Morning America." And just like Rihanna doesn't like it, Chris doesn't either: Robin brought up the 2009 incident again!! Chris played it cool...

But it was a different story afterwards. After the interview, he broke a window at the GMA studios out of anger... more updates coming!

Daaaang... calm down bro, before you get arrested on the day of your album release! Nice shoes, though...

Chris Brown GMA

Pic: MediaTakeout / TMZ

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