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Sunday, March 20, 2011

JANET JACKSON Out Promoting Her Book, 'True You,' Lookin' Right In Black

Janet Jackson: 'True You' Barnes & Noble Book Signing!

Janet Jackson looked great when she was spotted doing a book signing at a Barnes & Noble bookstore. The last time I posted on Janet Jackson, she was wearing a MUCH-TOO-MANLY suit that I did not like. There are some masculine looks for women, but that look was WAYYY too much MAN (See pic below).

Janet wins here dressed in all black with leather pants, platform Louboutin boots, exaggerated shoulder jacket, slicked-back hair... just on POINT!

janet jackson true you barnes noble book signing 04

#FAIL# - Janet's manly suit from before:

It's not THAT bad, but suits like this have to be worned carefully; the tie and the hair messed up the whole look. She could have went for longer hair and an open blouse to look more feminine.

Pic: JustJared

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