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Monday, March 21, 2011

RIHANNA Slams Magazine For Bringing Up Chris Brown During Her Photo Shoot!

RIHANNA did an interview and photo shoot with Fabolous Magazine a while back (judging by her dress, around the time she was last at Saturday Night Live) and the issue was recently released, and she reportedly snaps at an interviewer when asked about Chris Brown.

Ohhh, now I know why Rihanna lifted the restraining order on Chris Brown. She has no ILL-WILL towards him; she just wants to MOVE ON.

WELL, check out a portion of her interview and pics, and the SNAP at the interviewer:

Rihanna Fabulous Magazine

Today, she’s not quite as forthcoming when the subject of Brown is broached. The mere mention of his name prompts a change in atmosphere and a sharp: “Excuse me?”
When asked again she snaps: “Next. You obviously want to talk about Chris Brown, I don’t.”
Point taken. 'Fabolous Magazine'
I feel her, I wouldn't want anybody bringing up some negative subject over and over and over again...

Pic: NecoleB***hie

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