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Thursday, July 17, 2014

DRAKE As 2014 Espys Host; Wears Several Hmm Outfits But One Snazzy Opener Suit

Sooo... a lot of folk were skeptical about Drake hosting the 2014 ESPYs...

But he did a pretty good job. Outfits he wore will be uploading soon. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Lookback: August Alsina Rocked Dope ROPER White/Plaid Shirt At 2014 BET Awards

Gotta love the creativity presented, and kudos to designer Roper, who designed this plaid shirt with dip detailing for 2014 BET Awards. It retails for $275.

It's a pretty cool design that goes with the overall look that August had, from plaid sneakers, pants, and what I call 'semi-dreads'. Represents a crisp, clean but not-too-serious style that still makes an impact.


Pic: Upscale Hype 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

NBA's Russell Westbrook Sports Saint Laurent Coat And YSL Sneakers At Paris Fashion Week

OKC Thunder's Russell Westbrook, in case you didn't know, is very fashion-forward aside from his skills on the court. It may be a little on the HMM side, but at least he's making it his own.

Check him out at Paris Fashion Week wearing this outfit, most notably this olive-colored Saint Laurent jacket and leopard YSL sneakers. Another touch was this sort of tall tee that's representative of Russell's style.

I wouldn't wear it but it's a pretty cool look representing him.
The other look below though... 

Pic: Upscale Hype/ MTO 

Friday, July 4, 2014

Amber Rose Wears Body-Hugging Dress In NYC

Amber Rose was spotted in New York grabbing a Mickey D's McCafe while wearing this curve-revealing red dress (which was FIRE, might I add) with nude Louboutins and signature blonde crop.

It's a good look for this mama.

Pic: Media Takeout 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Pharrell Williams Wins Big At BET Awards 2014, Inspiring, Yet Cool Style

I've always admired Pharrell Williams, the way he chose to go about his own style and flair, and being humble about all the great success as of late, especially involving the mega-hit song and video 'HAPPY', which has won the world over.

Pharrell performed at the 2014 BET Awards with a style all his own... well just look at the pic above. I don't know if I can ever do that hat or the UGGs, but I can pretty much rock the look. Hopefully, I can rock the 'fountain of youth' look too LOL...

Pic: Upscale Hype 

Chris Brown Makes Strong Comeback At BET Awards 2014, Wearing Stand-Out Draped Plaid Shirt

Chris Brown makes a cool and strong comeback in BET Awards 2014, flanked by dancers and captivating audience in what seems to be this 'overgrown' plaid shirt, which was (according to Upscale Hype) custom designed by Seth Chernoff. Chris also wore ripped denim jeans and Nike Air Yeezy sneakers.

The hair... I don't know... but talent and cool clothes...


Beyonce Tops Forbes Celebrity 100, In Style Too

Guess hard work pays off.

Beyonce Knowles was estimated to have earned about $115 million between June 2013 and June 2014, according to Forbes Magazine. Aside from her style and fashion in concerts and the red carpet, including the On the Run tour with husband Jay-Z, coupled with earnings also stemming from fragrance and clothing sales, she's definitely getting it...

Above pic from Mrs. Carter World Tour, Forbes Magazine

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Azzedine Alaia Lucite Heel Sandals; Make The Men Spot You.... Quickly

Long week in fashion, but well worth it. Check out this screenshot of these Azzedine Alaia lucite heel sandals. These could definitely stand out, make any pair of legs look great, especially if you female readers know how to dress it up. 

Try a peplum dress in a gold metallic color or dark colored peplum dress. You could even do skinny jeans with them.

Pic: Instagram

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Rihanna Wears Sheer Lace Chanel Skirt And Sneakers Out On The Town... Pink Panties, Too *Hide The Kids*

Rihanna, RiRi... she does it again, and for me, it's nothing shocking... but she does wear a sheer Chanel skirt and matching sneakers while out on the town... just walking-- with great posture, might I add-- as if the dress is completely covered.

On top of that, the pink panties, though? RiRi, stop playing with us guys :-) 

Pic: Rihanna Daily

Review: Angela Bassett In Stunning Orange Dress That Shows Off Her 25-Year-- I Mean-- 56 Year Old Body!! It's Awesome!

Review: A look back at Angela Bassett's tight, tight body. I do NOT want to believe she has Spanx under there, that would kill my mood. But isn't she just awesome in that dress. And at 56 YEARS OLD at that!!!! Better defined than women half her age... just awesome!

Go ahead Angela!!!


Say What You Want, But Kimye Earns Their VOGUE Cover (The Only Jaiden blog returns...)

Say what you want, but Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, or Kimye, earned their 'VOGUE' cover. As hard as I've been working lately on my fashion brand, perhaps it'll happen for me soon enough LOL.

Apparently, it was in Anna Wintour's graces to do this shoot. I can't even hate; this is beautiful.


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