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Saturday, January 15, 2011


Berry Franklin

Aretha Franklin's wish has been granted: Halle Berry, after all, will play the "R-E-S-P-E-C-T" songstress in a near-future biopic. In recent months, this thing was not developed yet and was deemed 'laughable" since people were joking about Franklin's current size and Halle Berry's curves and talking about "how could this be?" Remember that Ms. Franklin wasn't always the size she is now (she has since lost weight since surgery and better care of herself).

Ms. Franklin announced the news on The Wendy Williams Show on Thursday saying that in the past, there were numerous offers made that were not good, but the correct financing was put together and it finally came to fruition.

I believe this should be a good film, and thank God that Aretha is much better since having surgery for her past illness; my prayers are definitely with her. GET STRONGER 'QUEEN OF SOUL!!'

The PLAINEST-LOOKING Jordans I've Ever Seen...

Jordan 6-17-23 White/Signal Blue Detailed Pics

Michael Jordan has a huge following on his JORDAN BRAND/Jumpman sneakers, releasing new sneakers every year. They are full of style with swoops, curves, zig-zags, velcros, smooth-to-the-touch, yada-yada.

But then I come to this. These shoes are called "6-17-23" and is supposed to be a hybrid sneaker reminiscent of designs from the JORDAN VI and XVII (btw '6-17-23' means Jordan's titles, years in the NBA, and number). 

I don't know if you like these... but I'm not really feeling these sneakers; however I like the other ones that were recently released (I will update you with a link). I do know that the price of Jordans, especially this model, will be pretty lofty, so I expect more style and emphasis to be added to it.
See more photos:


The bottom of the sneaker isn't bad; However, I would've like to see this design displayed right-side up on the shoes instead of hidden on the bottom.

I APPROVE: 3.1 Phillip Lim Shoes (Wear Your Own Unique Swagger)

I like shoes that bring a unique swagger. These shoes by 3.1 Phillip Lim are definitely unique and slightly odd, but not too odd to the point where they look hideous; you can still rock 'em with a good pair of jeans. See which ones I like:

Yeah I like these baby-blue Espadrilles!! It takes skill to know how to work 'em. Suggestion: Wear with dark denim jeans and baby-blue cashmere sweater or sweater vest and
contrasting polo shirt.

What I DON'T like:

These sneakers-- you know 3.1 Phillip Lim isn't cheap; I could find shoes like these
for a deep fraction of the cost.

Is USHER Alright? He has seemed a little 'off' recently...

I just thought I'd chime in on what people were talking about for a minute -- USHER. Now, of course Usher is always the subject of some woman's conversation somewhere in the world at any point of time, but this one wasn't about anything good. Check out Usher's recent performance at a concert in Berlin. He wasn't entirely into his own performance:

Close circles to Usher and fans have noticed that during his recent live performances, he has been lackluster in appearance, noticeably thinner, and sultry voice a little more on the tepid side. Of course it's great to lose weight, but it becomes a bit of a problem when a person that loses weight is ALREADY slim and in shape. I don't know what's going on, but I do hope for the best.

Friday, January 14, 2011

NICKI MINAJ's Latest 2011 Photo Shoot Screams SEXY and MASTERPIECE!!

NICKI MINAJ is everywhere; it just can't be denied. She has taken the music world by storm as well as her outlandish photo shoots. Nicki recently did a photo shoot and interview for V MAGAZINE and she used AFRICAN TRIBAL PAINT as an art form. She used it on her legs, arms, and face.

I thought it was so very unique as the paint seemed to sculpture Nicki's already sculptured body and also paid homage to African tribes. She looked so hott rockin' it in Versace, Balmain, and Christian Louboutins. See more pics that really caught my eyes below:



This IS a masterpiece, fit for a coffee table book or the centerpiece of the living room :-) ..

KIM & KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN's Sensual Photo Shoot On Eve Of New Reality Series

Sultry: Kim and sister Kourtney stand on the fire escape stairway of an apartment in the Big Apple where they filmed Kourtney and Kim Take New York

If you are a reality show freak, an internet junkie, or just love you some KARDASHIAN, then by now, you would know that Kim and Kourtney Kardashian are starting a new reality series which will air on E! on January 23rd.

I believe this will be a highly-rated series because these two women are amazingly changing their livelihoods in Miami and California to explore the gritty yet exciting new world of NEW YORK!!

On the eve of their upcoming show, the Kardashians had released some sultry promo pictures a few days ago. If you haven't seen them, I want to share them with you; so go on and take a look.

Curvaceous: Kim Kardashian smoulders in an Alexander McQueen dress as she poses in the subway in New York in a promotional shot for her new reality show
Kim Kardashian in Alexander Wang "optical illusion dress", in NYC subway tunnel

Stylish: Kourtney seen here on a cobbled side street. The new show premieres on U.S. channel E! on January 23
Kourtney Kardashian DISCARDS the "mom" aura as she looks sexy and smoldering..

*Head nod* Dat's wassup....

RECAP: The Kardashian Family Christmas Photo (2010)

I know that many of you have probably seen this photo already but... sometimes it doesn't hurt to see a beautiful thing more than once. It's like something or someone so attractive that you have to double back.

This photo has "immense" swag and it's a photo that seems to claim notoriety, a "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM??!" kind of commanding attention. Everyone looks so great. The outfits show off every person's personality and individuality and it's quite stunning. I think this is the best family photo yet; The Kardashian family is surely growing...

See more Kardashian Christmas pics from previous years:

2009- A photo Kim K loves to hate...

2008 - This was actually a close second to the 2010 one..
Back in the day...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

NICKI MINAJ and DRAKE Gets Married In Latest Music Video!

What if this ACTUALLY took place?? Talk about the royal wedding of YOUNG MONEY *LoL*
Rihanna and Nicki Minaj would fight over Drake and that would be the big fallout of the century and my biggest fantasy *LoL I'm a trip*. Both of them looked great... and while this thing may be cute and all, there's just a little TOO much chemistry going on... since "Barbie" is wifed up...

Nicki Minaj was filming for her latest music video, "Moment for Life" in a full-on wedding scene... 

7 HOTT Men's Fragrances for Spring 2011

Hey ladies, I'm doing a fly-by, making a list of the hottest, most seductive scents that I suggest you buy that special guy. And guys, if you're not sure about what to get for a really hott scent, I'll tell you; I'll just post pics. (Prices are determined by OZ. size and varies from store to store).

Jean Paul Gaultier "LE MALE"
Appx. $42 - $65

Paco Rabanne "1 MILLION"
Appx. $65

Yves Saint Laurent "L' HOMME"
Appx. $45 - $75

Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani
Appx. $45 - $85

Armani Code by Giorgio Armani
Appx. $45-$70

L'Eau D'Issey Pour Homme by Issey Miyake
Appx. $30-$75


JAIDEN's LOOKBOOK: Style Guide For Men (Spring 2011)

Trussardi 1911

Hello guys, welcome to my post, my own take on the next hott look for Spring 2011. This look is made to fit men of all races, and the looks are the kind that you would want to wear out on the town, in the office, to church, to work, and just for the heck of it.

My sources come from well-acclaimed magazines and websites like GQ and, and other urban sites. The look for Spring 2011 is to incorporate looks from the '50s and '60s and blend it into the looks of now, which is strongly considered MILITARY.

I'll do my best to bring you the best look for all guys. It doesn't matter what shape and size you are, I, JAIDEN, will create a fair look for you. See pics below.

The Polished Look

Trussardi 1911 - Leopard is shown as accessory to an outfit. Wear it minimally.
Dolce & Gabbana - Roll up the pant legs when you have canvas shoes and you're outdoors.

Get your GROWN MAN on with khakis, a '50s polo, and a spring cotton blazer
The Urban Look


Here's a couple of looks for my street guys:

Styled By John Colver

So guys, this is the template for Spring 2011; you can always "switch it up" and add your own lil' touch to it...

Even CHRIS BROWN's Tattoos Make a Fashion Statement...

(Click image for larger view)

Good morning, check out Chris Brown's tattoos.. he's upgraded to TWO FULL SLEEVES. I wouldn't do that for me but for Chris, I have to say it looks good, and his tattoo artist's work is impeccable blending in different "fields" of Chris's life (airbrushing, prayer, music, etc.) onto his arms. I'm always admiring different kinds of art, and admiring tattoo art on my blog is a FIRST. Yup...

UPDATE 1/16/2012:

Chris Brown has now tattooed his GF Karrueche on his left arm (near the elbow; right of the pic)

Sidenote: I have tattoos, and my style is using "deep meaning" Latin phrases. See my pic below:

Whaddaya think about Chris Brown's tats?? Tattoo artists, feel free to use the tattoo sleeves pic as a template; see more TATTOO posts!

Pic: MTO

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fash, Crash, and Burn: BRITNEY SPEARS' Hair

This is SO, SO WRONG on so many levels.

On one hand, I'm happy that Britney Spears is getting her focus back and doing the right thing for her career a step at a time. ON THE OTHER HAND... Britney put her hair in absolute neglect! I was shocked when I visited MediaTakeout.

Of course, I've seen bad weaves in my life, but this is DEPLORABLE when you have the track EXPOSED and everything!! Please sweetheart, you make MILLIONS a year; a good, $300 lacefront wig will take you a very looooooong way...

Whaaat??!! JUSTIN BIEBER Gets a Black Eye?? Wait....

Justin Beiber Caught Himself a Black Eye

I know that the internet was set ablaze by girls all over the world worrying about their boyfriend JUSTIN BIEBER. He was photographed with a large red bruise on the right side of his face.

He says to the media and his fans not to worry... It's just makeup for an upcoming scene in CSI.

The girls of the world BREATHE A COLLECTIVE SIGH OF RELIEF. *smh*

AMBER ROSE's Upcoming Reality Show, "Behind The Shades"; Nice shades...but they'll give ANYBODY a reality show nowadays..

Networks will give anyone their own reality show these days; I ought to get my own *LoL*. But amber Rose was spotted filming for her new reality series, "Behind The Shades." I don't know what that one is about but I will get to the bottom of that one (not that it REALLY, REALLY matters). But I'm not talking about the show but about the glasses themselves. They look pretty nice and it frames Amber's face well.

In the top photo, she was seen wearing Vintage Frames Shop x Caviar Exotic Wood Sunglasses for $350.

That is the BIZNESS!!! Let's see what else she framed her face with...

That is quite the elegant dress that Amber was wearing; she switched and spiced it up with her bright blue lipstick and Vintage Frame Ultra Caviar 6295 16 Sunglasses for $399. Although the glasses are nice, I think she would have looked even better in the blue sunglasses that the guy next to her [Co-star Jeffzilla 2000 - spotted wearing that GRACE JONES pendant necklace] was wearing.


Yup-Yup SWEET for the ladies...
(Now check out homegirl lookin' like a thug and...err... somethin' else..

Black Entertainment Television's "THE GAME" Review

The most anticipated black show of 2010, The Game, has returned back to TV in 2011 (after a 2-yr hiatus) with a glamorous BANG and lots of surprises, twists, WHAT THE... moments, and FUN, FUN, FUN. The moment the show came on, I saw the immediate difference in the atmosphere of the show when the scene starts with "TWO YEARS LATER."

Though I could get into all the details of the show, I don't want to spoil too much for those who haven't seen the show, but I will tell y'all how I thought the cast did. *WINK* 


(For those of you who never watched the show, the names which appear are the cast's character names)
There goes different introductions of everyone who played in the previous seasons of the show. Derwin Davis stepping out of the Maybach was a nice touch. Melanie and Tasha were in their same kind of fire from pervious seasons; Tasha's attitude reminds me of NeNe Leakes from Housewives of Atlanta (love her, love her, love her!)

Then here comes Kelly Pitts with a new short hairdo and some "ho-ish" dresses doing her own reality show. WHAT THE ?? That was the only messy and odd part of the show. And how is it that she gets paid $75,000 an episode to play on "The Game?" We'll see how she plays out for the next couple episodes. She better be worth 75 G's. Jason, Jason, Jason Pitts, playing it as a cool, retired? football player with supposedly a bunch of endorsements. That's a massive amount of swag. He did good "stealing the show" at the end.

MALIK WRIGHT.... is a MAN-WHORE. That's the only intro I'm giving him LOL.


Meghan Good!! She was mad sexy being the trophy girl of the power broker who owns several businesses, only to be ALL OVER Malik on the side... in the public bathroom. CAN YOU SAY MESSY???? BUT THE NAUGHTY-GOOD KIND *Smirk*

Terrence J from 106 & Park kissin' and all up on THE TASHA MACK?!!!! That's a BIIIIG WHAT THE ???? moment. I was laughing and laughing because this was so unexpected and Terrence did a good job; he reminds me of me because we're both thin guys and we try our best in what we do.

The Biggest Surprise Yet??

The baby isn't Derwin's.... NOW IT IS!! What's goin' on??! Tune in to BET on Tuesdays 10p/9p Central to follow the stories. I know I will...


While some parts of the show were a little odd somewhere along the middle of the hour-long premiere, the show caught my attention the entire time. It's like a BLACK SOAP OPERA/REALITY SHOW all rolled into one. I would keep watching it; I suggest this show to others as well. Why? It's fun, it's "real," it's entertainment, and because I, The Only Jaiden, SAID SO *LoL*.

Grade: B-

Keep up the good work guys!!!
Go deeper and crazier...

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