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Monday, January 10, 2011

ANGELA SIMMONS, Daughter of Rev Run, Went Blonde!!!

Angela Simmons Is Now A Blondie [PHOTOS]

Tryin' to be Beyonce huh? Angela Simmons reportedly switched it up by coloring her hair blonde and proving it to her Twitter fans on Twitpic. I can't REALLY REALLY tell how good or OK it looks in this grainy photo, but let me just say that she looks better in darker hair. It just looks a little odd...umm... *BLANK STARE* I don't know *shrug*..

But check out what comment I found, I'm sure it was a fake imposter comment from "diggysimmons". It's a little "R" rated so I don't post that kinda stuff on my site. Just visit to see the raunchy comment.

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