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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Even CHRIS BROWN's Tattoos Make a Fashion Statement...

(Click image for larger view)

Good morning, check out Chris Brown's tattoos.. he's upgraded to TWO FULL SLEEVES. I wouldn't do that for me but for Chris, I have to say it looks good, and his tattoo artist's work is impeccable blending in different "fields" of Chris's life (airbrushing, prayer, music, etc.) onto his arms. I'm always admiring different kinds of art, and admiring tattoo art on my blog is a FIRST. Yup...

UPDATE 1/16/2012:

Chris Brown has now tattooed his GF Karrueche on his left arm (near the elbow; right of the pic)

Sidenote: I have tattoos, and my style is using "deep meaning" Latin phrases. See my pic below:

Whaddaya think about Chris Brown's tats?? Tattoo artists, feel free to use the tattoo sleeves pic as a template; see more TATTOO posts!

Pic: MTO


JAIDEN The Model said...

This is Jaiden the Model, blogger of THE ONLY JAIDEN. I'm contemplating getting more tats. Hmm... I said i was gonna stop at my 7th.. lol smh

Anonymous said...

Cool tats. I've got a tattoo sleeve on my right arm of Marvel Comics and me as a superhero. DOPE!

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