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Sunday, January 9, 2011

KIM KARDASHIAN Spotted Pumping Gas In Her Rolls-Royce, Lookin' Effortlessly Stylish..

You know you're hott when... people are taking pics of you pumping gas!!

Kim Kardashian was spotted in a small town in Cali pumping gas in her white-hott Rolls-Royce Ghost. Kim is getting DOUBLE EXPOSURE because she AND her Rolls-Royce are the talk of the town. That Ghost [car] is a star ALL BY ITSELF. It retails for $245,000 and it's positioned under its big brother the Phantom, which retails for nearly $400,000. For more info about the Ghost, see

And Kim, another star, was wearing some sexy Burberry shearling buckle boots for $1,095. I think those boots are hott winter boots and accentuates any legs well with those 4.25 inch heels.

Hate the boots? Then you CLEARLY need a lesson in STYLE 101. *LoL*
See more pics below:


Hurry up and get these...or boots like these [more affordable], ladies... WINTER WILL BE OVER BEFORE YOU KNOW IT!

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