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Saturday, January 15, 2011

The PLAINEST-LOOKING Jordans I've Ever Seen...

Jordan 6-17-23 White/Signal Blue Detailed Pics

Michael Jordan has a huge following on his JORDAN BRAND/Jumpman sneakers, releasing new sneakers every year. They are full of style with swoops, curves, zig-zags, velcros, smooth-to-the-touch, yada-yada.

But then I come to this. These shoes are called "6-17-23" and is supposed to be a hybrid sneaker reminiscent of designs from the JORDAN VI and XVII (btw '6-17-23' means Jordan's titles, years in the NBA, and number). 

I don't know if you like these... but I'm not really feeling these sneakers; however I like the other ones that were recently released (I will update you with a link). I do know that the price of Jordans, especially this model, will be pretty lofty, so I expect more style and emphasis to be added to it.
See more photos:


The bottom of the sneaker isn't bad; However, I would've like to see this design displayed right-side up on the shoes instead of hidden on the bottom.

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