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Monday, January 10, 2011

KELLY ROWLAND's Hott 2011 Photo Shoot!

Kelly Rowland in Chanel T-shirt and leopard peeptoe Louboutins

I'm a person of fashion (FASHIONISTA) and I know good style when I see it. I also do photo shoots and I understand what it takes to look the best, practice poses, and "make love to the camera" or challenge the camera whenever necessary. I was checking out one of my fav sites, MediaTakeout, and I found Kelly Rowland's beautiful glam shots taken by photographer Robert Echtor.

In a photo shoot of this magnitude of sensuality without vulgarity, all you can do is stare. No need for more talking. She looks extraordinarily beautiful, doesn't she?

(Click picture to enlarge)

(Whoa, she puttin' it out there...)

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