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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Heavy Gold Jewelry Making A Comeback? Big Sean And Chris Brown On Cover Of XXL Magazine

Chris Brown and Big Sean were spotted on dual XXL covers rocking heavy gold jewelry. See mor at

Might be on the comeback... We'll see... I like gold jewelry, so cool no matter the time period... 

Ralph Lauren and JAIDEN: A Future Fashion Force

Of course you may recognize the guy on the left as Ralph Lauren. This is the guy who started Polo in 1967 with a tie, and then It just grew from there. Now spawning several items ranging from full line of clothing to fragrances, Lauren continues to inspire me with his works.

I started my own collection, Vintage Ties by Jaiden back in February of this year with a single tie and $8, and the rest is history. I have expanded into bowties, vests, purses, and now the 1st VTJ blazer which will be showcased on the WALK FASHION SHOW runway this December 8 (Detroit).

One day, my brand will be stellar, classic, iconic as Ralph Lauren, especially if my mind is set to it...

 FIRST VTJ BLAZER... giving Givenchy and Bakmain a run for its money lol... One day...  It's a step  in the right direction!

Pic: my own

How Does Pharrell Williams Maintain That Youthfulness??

 How does Pharrell maintain that youth? He's approaching 40, going on 25! I got to find his secret... It is definitely not the clothes (although I'm not feeling the leggings).

Pictured with Frank Ocean and Jay-Z in the studio.

Pic by Pharrell on Twitter

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