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Saturday, October 29, 2011

USHER Dresses Down In Levi's But Full Of Swag In Hollywood!

Ladies, check out your 'future hubby', and guys, check out USHER to use as a template for these cold fall days.

USHER was in West Hollywood dressing down but still FULL OF SWAGGER AND STYLE in his classic Levi's denim jacket with a zip hoodie, gray cargo pants (I wanna cop some!), and Pierre Hardy hightop suede sneakers.

Now, THIS is how you dress down, GUYS!

Pic: UpscaleHype

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Justin Bieber's New Car: 2011 Cadillac CTS-V 'Batmobile' Coupe

Check out Justin Bieber.... with his SWAGGER and SWAGGERIFIC new whip.

Bieber already has his style game together with his denim vest, red jeans, and Supra sneakers, but the real style is behind him: the 2011 Cadillac CTS-V. It has been fully customized to Bieber's specifications. It was painted matte black, matte black rims, tinted windows, suicide doors, and named 'BATMOBILE' (clever BAT sign on the grille).

Bet Justin has a BAT-CAVE too...

Pic: MTO

U GO BIG GIRL!! Gabourey Sidibe ('Precious') Works The Floor At 'Tower Heist' Premiere

...And Hollywood said she wouldn't really make it.

Gabourey Sidibe, aka Precious, was seen posing on the floor of 'Tower Heist' movie premiere.

And that pose.... UMMM.... OOOO-tayyy!!! (Nice dress, though)

Pic: NecoleB***hie

Fash, Crash, and Burn: Soulja Boy's Blonde Hair Hairline FAIL

Good morning readers, I just really DIG bringing you different kinds of fashion from all over the world; the most popular posts are about celebrities in fashion!

Now, here's another celeb in fashion, this time it's a FASHION FAIL. check out rapper Soulja Boy, who just dyed his hair a dirty blonde and is unfortunately facing charges--but it ain't my business--what is ACTUALLY my business is trying to figure out why is Soulja Boy's hairline JACKED UP.

Looks like he was lined up IN THE DARK!

Pic: MTO

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fash, Crash, and Burn: SERENA WILLIAMS As a 'Hot Mess' at Tower Heist Movie Premiere

This is actually Serena Williams.

No, it's not a man in drag but it's actually one of the athletes in the WORLD looking like a tranny gone all wrong. The entire look deserves to be in my 'Fash, Crash, Burn' category.

I'm out of words. This don't make no doggone sense!! A HOT MESS!! Only the shoes look decent.

Pic: MTO

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ladies, Here's A Great Fall Outerwear Look, As Displayed By Pippa Middleton (UK)

Pippa Middleton Socialite Pippa Middleton is seen strolling through Chelsea.

PIPPA MIDDLETON has gained tremendous popularity over her more royal sister Kate. So paparazzi captured her seemingly innocent beauty as she strolled through the cool air of the UK.

Pippa wore a thigh-length wool blend zip coat dolled up with a leopard scarf. The saddle-colored suede boots are a nice touch and it softly complements the rust orange bag she's carrying.

Ladies who live in a seasonal or cold climates, if you haven't tried this look, I strongly believe it will look good on you, even more so if you 'SHOW A LITTLE LEG' even in the cold months.

Pippa Middleton Pippa Middleton looks chic whilst out in Kensington.

PIPPA earlier this week...

Pic: Zimbio

BEYONCE Shows Off Growing Baby Bump In NYC; Looks Very Fashionable In Turquoise and... High Heels!

BEYONCE continues to not respond to rumors about a BABY BUMP PAD (that's good because she needs to focus on her pregnancy), but all good responses, especially from me, point to Beyonce's hott street couture today. Wearing comfortable leggings, tall black heels (pretty bold for a pregnant woman), and a turquoise detachable-bottom leather jacket with matching scarf,

BEYONCE, mama-to-be, was on point!

Pic: Google/ Zimbio /MTO

Monday, October 24, 2011

Do You Like DRAKE's Blue Tunic That He Wore To His 25th B-Day Party?

Rapper Drake sported a new look on his 25th BDAY at TAO Nightclub.

Dude wore a blue tunic-inspired shirt that had this very MIAMI VICE vibe. He even rocked a gold chain and watch (scaled back the beard, too).

LIKE?? 'Cuz uhh... really not my style, but I'd go for the glasses.

Pic: MTO

D-WADE Mentions In GQ's Nov. 2011 Issue That He Painted (Or Still Paints) His Toenails Black!

 Dwyane Wade in V Man Fall 2011 issue

For those of you who follow up on fashion and athletes alike, you will know that NBA athletes are becoming more and more image-conscious. Miami Heat's very own Dwyane Wade is one of those image-conscious guys.

D-WADE mentioned in GQ's November 2011 issue that 'Man, I kind of want to paint my toenails black,' and that shocked me a little bit. I had to 'catch myself' because I had to remember that we actually live in a day and age where the influences of hip-hop (baggy jeans, Timberlands, THUG LIFE look) are slowly diminishing and a more softer look (no pun intended) is now becoming dominant.

What I mean by 'softer' is that guys are increasingly paying no mind to the 'RULES OF BEING A MAN' and are starting to wear more colognes and smell-good body sprays, more fitted shirts and jeans, colorful bracelets AND AN EXTREME IN D-WADE'S CASE: nail polish!

I don't think I'll ever go that far *LOL* but if D-Wade likes it, okay.
To check out more of D-Wade's interview with GQ, check out

Pic: Google/ Fashion Bomb Daily

GQ's November 2011 Issue Is In + D-WADE Mentions That He Paints his Toenails Black!!

eminem gq november 2011 01

The GQ November 2011 issue is in! And while I love this magazine so much (I have a subscription) and want to model for it so bad I can taste it, I want to point out the art of the cover.

Check out the '3 genres of music' posted right on GQ's cover: DETROIT's own Eminem, Keith Richards, and Lil' Wayne. I call this art because these so-called music legends have very different styles of belting out songs, but they all seem intertwined into making people feel like ROCKIN'!

Not only that (because my blog doesn't cover music, just people in fashion), check out these guys' individual style. Eminem BLEEDS and REEKS of Detroit style. You can't get past the hoodie, black tee, dark denim jeans, and boots.

Keith Richards has got his own kind of old-money style with the open shirt, scarf, top hat, slacks, and simple shoes.

Lil' Wayne has that wild, West coast style with the leather jeans, white beater, and YELLOW Vans sneakers. The dreadlocks add a little Southern flavor.

I'm diggin' this variety of looks so guys of all ages, shapes, and sizes across America can get the full spectrum of the American man.

Check my next post of Dwyane Wade in GQ's November 2011 issue with his pics, and how he likes to paint his toenails black! 

Pic: Just Jared

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