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Monday, October 24, 2011

GQ's November 2011 Issue Is In + D-WADE Mentions That He Paints his Toenails Black!!

eminem gq november 2011 01

The GQ November 2011 issue is in! And while I love this magazine so much (I have a subscription) and want to model for it so bad I can taste it, I want to point out the art of the cover.

Check out the '3 genres of music' posted right on GQ's cover: DETROIT's own Eminem, Keith Richards, and Lil' Wayne. I call this art because these so-called music legends have very different styles of belting out songs, but they all seem intertwined into making people feel like ROCKIN'!

Not only that (because my blog doesn't cover music, just people in fashion), check out these guys' individual style. Eminem BLEEDS and REEKS of Detroit style. You can't get past the hoodie, black tee, dark denim jeans, and boots.

Keith Richards has got his own kind of old-money style with the open shirt, scarf, top hat, slacks, and simple shoes.

Lil' Wayne has that wild, West coast style with the leather jeans, white beater, and YELLOW Vans sneakers. The dreadlocks add a little Southern flavor.

I'm diggin' this variety of looks so guys of all ages, shapes, and sizes across America can get the full spectrum of the American man.

Check my next post of Dwyane Wade in GQ's November 2011 issue with his pics, and how he likes to paint his toenails black! 

Pic: Just Jared

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