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Saturday, January 1, 2011

GUUUYS, Check out RIHANNA's "Teaser" See-Thru Dress She Snapped Necks w/ Last Nite...

"Dear Heavenly Father, Lord keep me near the cross and lead me not into TEMPTATION..."
Guys, I know I'm not the only one...


Recap: LOL @ Beyonce's VIZIO Commercial: Beyonce vs Beyonce

Check out this *LOL* video of Beyonce competing with her own self. This guy is so glued to Beyonce on this new VIZIO Plasma TV... just watch...

JAY-Z and KANYE WEST: Madd Style As They Perform In Las Vegas (New Year's Eve)!

Jay-Z & Kanye West: New Year's Eve Performance!

Well, you already know these artsists MUST put on a show every time they perform; they're SUPERSTARS-- and we are, too.

They were spotted looking cool @ the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas in their very own kind of style-- Kanye dressed down in a denim jacket, T-shirt, and leather pants and Jay-Z donning a tuxedo, RAPPING, like only a very few people can--wait-- I think that's only Jay-Z. There were several other stars there including his wife Beyonce and Diddy, Coldplay, and Forest Whitaker. See more photos:

jay z kanye west new years eve performance 01
jay z kanye west new years eve performance 02

Like the looks? You can find them just about anywhere; it's easy to obtain and easy on your money too..

BEYONCE, Please Talk To Your Sis Solange-- She's A lil' TOO Adventurous w/ Her Style!

beyonce solange knowles marquee 02

Beyonce was spotted at the same place where her husband Jay-Z was performing. And while Beyonce looks sexy and...okay in her floral/animal print dress... what in the ish in SOLANGE wearing...especially on her head??!

I really don't want to be one to judge, and I try to refrain from that because it's the right thing to do..but sometimes YOU JUST GOTTA CALL SUMTHIN' OUT!!!

WILLOW SMITH Rocks New Year's Eve In Cali; See Her Perform Inside!!

willow smith new years 04

This "Whip My Hair" star is one of those artists that just capture your attention. She crazy, she's 9, she's a great big ball of FUN!!! Willow Smith got the crowd pumped up, wigs coming off, and hair shaking everywhere! I know a lot of y'all love her! See more pics below (I found some on

willow smith new years 02
willow smith new years 03


Do your thing, lil' mami.... :-)


Happy New Year everyone! It's so exciting to start off a fresh new year, having fresh new goals, a new way of doing things. It's like a brand new resolution that you're keeping up on (without quitting) and it's like brushing your teeth in the morning.

I feel so renewed and refreshed, and I went to church last night to celebrate; it was a full house in there, well over 5,000 people attended to join together in worship, fellowship, and the amazing countdown to 2011!


There's a lot of firsts this year, and one of them is the new Oprah Winfrey Network, as you made have heard about. This new network is launching today, and is aimed to take the world by storm by sending a message to every heart to "own" yourself. To own yourself and own your life brand is something very profound.

The message interpreted is how will you sum up your life? Will it be recognized as positive or negative? People will always go for someone with positivity and something they can take away from your positivity is something they will keep on their conscious and pass it on to others.

And there will be people who will be affected by someone's negativity. That's obviously not the way a person should be affected, in any way, shape, form, or fashion. So anyway, the new network is all about positivity and changing a life around. Watch as Oprah's ideas are forming up a 24-hour network of entertainers, doctors, lawyers, chefs, regular next-door neighbors, behind-the-scenes stuff. Everybody on here has a story to tell. With a show like "Your OWN Show," you too can tell your story on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Congrats to Ms. Winfrey for her new network; I'm sure that this new network will touch a lot of lives.


Happy New Year from "The Only JAIDEN"


2010 was a great year for a lot of us, including myself. I have had the pleasure of doing many things that I've never done before as a result of opened doors and opportunities. One of those opened doors was opening this fashion blog to you. I've put a lot of time into this blog and as a result, in just over a month since its debut, this blog has over 6,500 views and counting from over 15 countries.

I'm looking to do greater things in 2011 with this blog and other similar ventures that includes modeling.

Some people (that may be you) may not have had a good 2010, but I want to let you know--if anyone hasn't told you yet--that as long as you're breathing, as long as you're physically mobile, as long as you're reading this message... IT AIN'T OVER FOR YOU; DON'T GIVE UP. It's not over until you say it's over. Just keep pressing on for the better things in life. Do something different that will better you and your family in 2011. Help someone, gain greater spirituality and a personal relationship with God, do MORE for yourself.


Friday, December 31, 2010

JAIDEN'S Pick: Beautiful Black Women Of The Year

Beautiful black women grace this nation from coast to coast and the rest of the world. If I only knew them all, this post would run on forever and ever. You may happen to be a reader who's a beautiful black woman too; that means I'm talking to you too, sweetie.

These are women that I've watched throughout 2010. They have portrayed beauty, confidence, consistent style, some WACKINESS, and humanitarian services (giving back to the community), and more.

There are so many more beautiful black women to list. The following pics that I have posted do not come in ranking order. So take in the beauty of these BEAUTIFUL BLACK WOMEN OF THE YEAR:

Halle Berry

Zoe Saldana


Beyonce Knowles
Alicia Keys

Gabrielle Union

Meghan Good
Chanel Iman

Garcelle Beauvais
Vivica Fox - It may not be natural beauty, but it's beauty..

Do you agree that these are some beautiful black women? Hey my beautiful princesses of color... you belong here, too...

JOHNNY DEPP Starts The New Year Off On Magazine Cover-- AYY CAP'N!!!

Johnny Depp Covers 'Empire' as Jack Sparrow! 

Good morning, I'm just doin' a fly-by today because I got a lot to do today, but it's my job to always keep you enterained on this festive day befor you go out with family.

I saw Jack Sparrow in the news this morning. Read the rest of the news:

Johnny Depp covers the February 2011 issue of Empire magazine as his infamous character Jack Sparrow.
The 47-year-old actor gave the mag a behind the scenes look at the making of On Stranger Tides, the next installment in the Pirates of the Caribbean series
In the film, Jack Sparrow (Depp) and Captain Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush) go on a quest to find the fountain of youth, only to discover that Blackbeard and his daughter are looking for it too.
The trailer for On Stranger Tides premiered earlier this month.

Be safe, thank God that you're making it into another year, and don't drink and drive.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

KIM KARDASHIAN In Cornrows??! *Blank Stare*

kim kardashian cornrows 03

I don't need to say anything. Y'all can just look... You know that saying.... A picture is worth a thousand words.

kim kardashian cornrows 08

KEYSHIA COLE's New Years' Resolution: A New Body -- She sure bounced back!!

KEYSHIA COLE was featured in PEOPLE magazine and US Magazine post-pregnancy and she showed off her new body after having her son last year. She looks good; she said she wanted her body where it is right now as a NEW YEAR RESOLUTION.

Mission well accomplished, Keyshia...

Fash, Crash, and Burn: A BUSTED WEAVE & Going Out In Public!!

SMH... look at both of these girls... the one on the right is only 16 YEARS OLD!! Black girls, please take care of your hair; DR. MIRACLE's HAIR CREAM can go a looooong, looooong way...

*Tears* TRAGIC!!!!

CHRIS BROWN And SPIKE LEE At The Knicks Game as Sneakerheads

Chris Brown and Spike Lee were spotted at the Knicks game looking sports-fascinated! Chris Brown was wearing a varsity jacket and Air Jordans, and Spike Lee was obviously "Knicks-inclined" with a whole New York Knicks get-up from head to toe, wearing Nike Air Maxs.

Lookin' nice, not bad... although Spike Lee's jersey could be a little shorter. Remember-- the longer the shirt, the shorter you look; the goal is to look tall.

SNOOP DOGG Looks Clownish In Faux Fur Hat & Semi-"Dope" Glasses

*SIGH* What is this man doing? I hope he was just playing around. He actually looks more sane with his braids and clear beads. The hat is not working and the glasses are... OK.

The glasses are by Vintage Frames Shop x Ultra Goliath 2 Sunglasses for $399. Do you like 'em??

Which is CHRIS BROWN's Best Look for 2010?

Chris Brown has had a lot of good looks that I admittedly have tried (of course I have a style of my own) because he's very adventurous with his style BUT.... for some of the stuff he wears,  I AIN'T GOING THAT DEEP IN THE JUNGLE.

That 3rd photo... ohhhh man... THEM BOOTS... What I call SHO-BOOTS... I haven't had such a belly laugh in a loooong time!! That 3rd pic is on my "Fash, Crash, and Burn" post. The middle photo is a nice, casual/preppy/retro-business kind of look. I think the shoes and sweater are hott and different. The 1st photo is what I like just a bit better than the 2nd one; the hood is a lil' quirky...but I can work with it..

THESE are what I know are better looks than the ones above...

chris brown stroll paris entourage 03


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

NIKE Release ZOOM KOBE Shoes-- Could These Show Up On The All-Star B-Ball Court?

Nike Zoom Kobe VI LA   New Images

Could these ILL TO THE BONE basketball shoes created by Nike and KOBE BRYANT make it to the NBA All-Star floors, on the paint??!! These arrived right on the heels of the All-Star Game coming soon! I would like to see this.

The shoes have a real creative vibe different from the direction basketball shoes usually go in. Why? Check out the raised "animal prints" with a lil' story attached around different areas of the shoe.

I found these shoes on SneakerNews. Check out all the lil' details:

Nike Zoom Kobe VI LA   New Images

Nike Zoom Kobe VI LA   New Images

*Head nodding* Sweeeeeet....

MACKDADDY Spring/Summer 2011 Preview -- All Swag...

Hmm... I could GET IT INNNNN to this. I like this MACKDADDY look. In case you don't know, this company is FRESH in Tokyo area so you can see from the pics that there is that urban, Japanese kind of vibe; Tokyo has always been very fashion-forward and the USA usually likes to do collaborations with Japan's fashion houses.

I've seen Pharrell Williams, Diggy Simmons, Bow Wow, and other celebs rockin' this look...
So can you!!! 

Mackdaddy Spring/Summer 2011 Lookbook

Mackdaddy Spring/Summer 2011 Lookbook

Mackdaddy Spring/Summer 2011 Lookbook

Dope and creative... and never over-the-top...

Check U Out!!! See Behind-The-Scenes WILLOW SMITH Photo Shoot-- Girl is Baaaddd....

WILLOW SMITH looks all GROOOWN, All '80s, TLC- lookin' with her HOTT OFF THE PRESS London photo shoot, but behind the scenes, she's just any other 9-year-old girl. Catch the sweet moments as she chills with her mommy Jada Pinkett Smith...

Dat's wassup.... :-)

Which Is KIM KARDASHIAN's Best Look For 2010?

So another post on finding the best look on a certain celebrity. first it was Amber Rose, and now i'm doing reality TV star Kim Kardashian. She was dubbed 2010's top-earning reality TV star with approximately $6 MILLION in earnings; that's a nice chunk of change, probably way more than what she gets for hanging.. and sleeping with... pro ball players (oops). I do hope she settles down soon...HOW DID I GET ON THIS SUBJECT?

Anyway, take a look at her other looks and decide:

Whaddaya think? You think she's a STYLE ICON? I think she's in fashionista status. Women can copy her style; she's not a bad dresser at all...


I did not make any mistake... LANVIN has released cufflinks that look exactly like their sneakers!! Check out pics!! I found this on UpscaleHype; ohhh boy, if I had $325 RIGHT NOW, I would cop these....



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