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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Which is CHRIS BROWN's Best Look for 2010?

Chris Brown has had a lot of good looks that I admittedly have tried (of course I have a style of my own) because he's very adventurous with his style BUT.... for some of the stuff he wears,  I AIN'T GOING THAT DEEP IN THE JUNGLE.

That 3rd photo... ohhhh man... THEM BOOTS... What I call SHO-BOOTS... I haven't had such a belly laugh in a loooong time!! That 3rd pic is on my "Fash, Crash, and Burn" post. The middle photo is a nice, casual/preppy/retro-business kind of look. I think the shoes and sweater are hott and different. The 1st photo is what I like just a bit better than the 2nd one; the hood is a lil' quirky...but I can work with it..

THESE are what I know are better looks than the ones above...

chris brown stroll paris entourage 03


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