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Sunday, December 26, 2010

WILLOW SMITH Shuts The Game Down With 'Sunday Times' Photo Shoot !!

Willow Smith: 'Sunday Times' Shoot Behind the Scenes!

Willow Smith is really KILLING THE GAME with Rihanna-ish, TLC-ish, I don't know-ish swag that only be done by this 10-year-old girl. Where does she come up with this stuff in that young mind of hers??

Keep in mind that even though there are directors and choreographers, the artist usually has finally say in what they want, and THIS is what Willow wants; it sure is aiming to rock the house!

Smith was doing a photo shoot for Times' Style Magazine (London) and was rocking eccentric, throwback pieces including platform Adidas (!!!) and a ponytail as tall as she is, and she's seen whipping it around.


See more pics of Willow Smith below:

willow smith times 04
willow smith times 07
willow smith times 05

Maaaann.... 2011 is about to be a full-on war among all the top R&B dog-ettes and lil' Willow!!!

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