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Sunday, December 26, 2010

RIHANNA New Perfume 'Reb'l Fleur' On Shelves Early!! Ladies, Heads Up!!

rihanna saks 03

Ladies, RIHANNA, the nine #1 hits Barbadian artist with hott songs like "What's My Name," "Rude Boy," and "Only Girl In The World" brings to you her new perfume that is said to be a different, sort of groundbreaking scent that aims to take women to "happier times."

Here's the press release on it:
Reb’l Fleur reportedly features sophisticated floral notes, including tuberose, violet, and hibiscus, with a splash of coconut water.

FYI: Reb'l Fleur means "Rebellious Flower" and the name was also a tattoo on Rihanna's neck a few months ago. Would you buy??

rihanna saks 02


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