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Monday, December 27, 2010

GUYS, Just Look MAD VICIOUS On New Years' Eve w/ An ILL Trench Coat & Matching Shoes!!


Well y'all, not everybody has the money to shell out for New Years' Eve by buying more clothes when we just had Christmas a few day ago. But for guys who have that LOOOONG money, this would be a good look with any Chambray material shirt and a good pair of denim jeans to envy even the most dapper dresser.

This coat (above) is a luxury Dries Van Noten "Rizzo" coat for $1062. It has epaulets, buckles, and just dang good-looking. See close-up below. Also check out the sneakers (above) by Kris Van Assche for $656. It has a zipper in the back, denim detailing; it's niiiiice.

Pricewise, NO. You can surely cop this look at many department stores that will sell this look to you for a huge fraction of the cost... I'm talking AT LEAST 70% OFF. Go to Macy's, Target, or your local haberdashery.. I bet that you can find a trench coat for just $100 and similar shoes for $100 as well.

My cost-saving suggestion: Think KENNETH COLE.

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