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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

PUMA x ALEXANDER McQUEEN Sneakers for 2011 As Tribute To Late McQueen

Alexander McQueen for Puma   Spring 2011

PUMA is doing a collaboration with Alexander McQueen's company for 2011. His sudden passing rocked the fashion world and put the Puma collabo on hold for much of 2010.. until now. The style of the shoes above, which was expected to be bright and captivating to reflect McQueen's mood or even Puma itself, has taken a very simplistic and somber tone, just to get into the true detail of the shoes.

If you look closely at the front and back soles, they have a triangular detail to reflect the high-octane mood of Alexander McQueen. There is also the satiny fabric detailing on the sides of the shoes with simple Alexander McQueen marks on the side and on a silver tongue tag.

Even though it's simple, I can see the art behind it; it's like a memorial, a piece of art to make you think. These will be on shelves early 2011.
See more pics below:

Alexander McQueen for Puma   Spring 2011

Alexander McQueen for Puma   Spring 2011

Alexander McQueen for Puma   Spring 2011

Do you like? Just think on it and take in the art of it.

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