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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

RIHANNA Drops Another Daring Grammy Gown In VERY Low-Cut, Back-Baring Armani

Rihanna never fails to impress and turn heads. Check out this very low-cut, back-baring Armani dress she helped design and wore to the 2012 Grammy Awards show. Yes, Rihanna collabo'ed with Armani to design a 'Scarface'-inspired dress. Three major parts of her dress bared skin: cleavage, back, and leg. Those 3 are exactly the 3 different body parts a man likes to see initially.

I'm liking the whole '80s vibe Rihanna has been rockin' lately with her dirty blonde wavy hair, dark lipstick, and the infamous white 'THUG LIFE' tattoos on her knuckles. I also like at the same time, it's not too messy because Rihanna keeps it clean and simple with very light makeup, nails, and jewelty.

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