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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

AMBER ROSE's Upcoming Reality Show, "Behind The Shades"; Nice shades...but they'll give ANYBODY a reality show nowadays..

Networks will give anyone their own reality show these days; I ought to get my own *LoL*. But amber Rose was spotted filming for her new reality series, "Behind The Shades." I don't know what that one is about but I will get to the bottom of that one (not that it REALLY, REALLY matters). But I'm not talking about the show but about the glasses themselves. They look pretty nice and it frames Amber's face well.

In the top photo, she was seen wearing Vintage Frames Shop x Caviar Exotic Wood Sunglasses for $350.

That is the BIZNESS!!! Let's see what else she framed her face with...

That is quite the elegant dress that Amber was wearing; she switched and spiced it up with her bright blue lipstick and Vintage Frame Ultra Caviar 6295 16 Sunglasses for $399. Although the glasses are nice, I think she would have looked even better in the blue sunglasses that the guy next to her [Co-star Jeffzilla 2000 - spotted wearing that GRACE JONES pendant necklace] was wearing.


Yup-Yup SWEET for the ladies...
(Now check out homegirl lookin' like a thug and...err... somethin' else..

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