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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Quick Fashion Review and Trends for 2012: Rihanna's New 'YOU DA ONE' Video

There's a lot of CRAZY looks in Rihanna's new 'You Da One' music video that tie into fashion in a big way. A lot of the looks that was shown will be 'playfully' making its way into stores in 2012.

*LOL* at Rihanna's CROTCH-GRABBIN'... she loves to do that, doesn't she?

Let's FLY through it real quick:

I predict that an overload of BLONDE WIGS will be making its way to wig shops in 2012.

Full leather outfits won't be just confined to novelty & lingerie stores in 2012.

Lace and fishnet are not just for LINGERIE and STOCKINGS anymore; it's made for jackets, pants, blouses, even hats and shoes.

Black eyeshadow and heavy mascara is a MUST for 2012. Balance it out by keeping the lips FRESH with NUDE GLOSS.

GOLD JEWELRY? Nostalgic and BOSS for 2012.

NAILS? Keep it mixed and MINXED (0:57-0:59 mark).

Platform heels? STILL IN to STAY.

Ripped jeans? Medio y medio.

Soooo... those are THE ONLY JAIDEN 2012 trends and partial predictions (because just about everything in fashion I predict....hmmm.... HAPPENS).

BTW (by the way), I think the video is a nice little compilation and follow-up on 'We Found Love' and 2010's 'Rockstar 101'

Pic: NecoleB***hie

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