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Monday, December 19, 2011

Jennifer Hudson Loses Even More Weight As Spotted At VH1 Divas; Now A Size 2 (Not ZERO)

Jennifer Hudson was a size 22 just a few short years ago, and up until recently she lost 80 pounds in less than a year. This grabbed the attention of WEIGHT WATCHERS.

After Jennifer (J-Hud) has been a spokesperson for some time now, it appears she has lost even more weight despite saying that she was 'determined to keep her curves.' Well, Jennifer still has some hips and thighs so she's OKAY, definitely not on the DANGER side.

Jennifer shocked a lot of people at the VH-1 'Divas Celebrate Soul' event in NYC wearing a shimmering and TINY mini dress fit for a... well... model and attention-commanding thigh high boots from the Francesco Scognamiglio collection. SHE LOOKED HOTT and I bet she was most likely the center of attention at the show.

Wow... Get it J-Hud!!

Pic: USA Today/ WireImage

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