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Thursday, December 22, 2011

BEYONCE Spotted Wearing What I Think Is One Of The Best Maternity Outfits Ever!

When is JAYONCE coming?

Beyonce was spotted out leaving a store (above) about a day after she was spotted by a surveillance camera in Vancouver, Canada. She reportedly FLEW over there (*side-eye* I thought pregnant women didn't fly... ANYWAYS...) to shop with just a few people. She was looking REAL BIG.

But in the above photo, Beyonce is noticeably trimmer but belly as big as ever. Beyonce's maternity fashion game is straight-up ILL (meaning Hott)!!! Check the oversized black blouse, leopard leggings, stilettos, and black leather jacket with tan lapels to complement Beyonce's golden locks.

Oh, and that crocodile purse is a PLUS, too.

Pic: MTO / Zimbio

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