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Monday, December 19, 2011

The 2011 KARDASHIAN CHRISTMAS Card... In 3D! *What The??!*

Wow, Christmas photos are not like they used to be. What happened to the family portrait appointments at the local department store? Everyone is aiming to be that big-shot model with the OVERKILL facial expressions, poses, and clothing. Photo shoots have now gone from the regular, 'fake' backgrounds of old to flying the entire family AND the photographer to unobtainable sceneries such as in Dubai, Paris, Sydney, Morocco, even a New York penthouse... that most people can't afford to splurge on.

I, for one, HATE fake background photo shoots. I must be in the REAL ambiance of the outdoors or indoors of a certain place that gives off a certain vibe.

Anyhoo, check out the KARDASHIAN CHRISTMAS PHOTO of 2011. This is one to be talked about for ages. The most COLDEST and FASHIONABLY CYNICAL Christmas picture to date! look at how far everyone is away from each other and see how everyone is 'into themselves' that they forget family love!

I know each of their Christmas photos get increasingly dramatic, but it's a love/hate thing for me this year around. Cool fashion, though... especially on Kris Jenner.

(Family photographer: Nick Saglimbeni)

WHERE's THE LOVE, Kardashians??!

Pic: MTO/ KimKardashian Celebuzz

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