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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The S&M Star RIHANNA Is Miles Ahead With Her Style and Wild Hair

She's fun, she's cool, she's ACTUALLY friendly (not just for the cameras), she's BAAAAD, she's crazy. Heyy... she's RIHANNA. The RIHANNA REIGN on fashion just won't let up; the S&M singer (whose song is now at #2 on Billboard charts) was spotted out after her Rolling Stones photo shoot.

Check Rihanna out with smooth gray blouse and tapered black pants, topping off the look with sharp black Christian Louboutin stilettos (she seems to wear those the most, as well as the nude ones of the same model). If you look closely at her wild frizzy hair, you can see 2 braids by her neck that have Jamaican color beads on it.

She was all smiles... I KNOW... she saw what I said about her *LoL- well I hope she did*

from RihannaDaily for Rihanna Navy

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