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Saturday, March 19, 2011

More Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Fashion Pics... Heyy... Don't Kill the Messenger

Victim: Selena Gomez seen at JFK airport in New York today, she is believed to be among 50 celebrity targets of a hacking team
Selena Gomez walking through airport wearing comfy TOMS shoes, jersey sweatpants, Louis Vuitton bag

Heyy Bieber girls.... I've got Selena Gomez pictures... don't knock out your computer screen. She has pretty good fashion sense for a white girl (hee-hee); Miley Cyrus is actually jealous (just sayin'). C'mon now, who looks better ANYWAY?! (Whoever said 'Miley', drop and give me 20 pushups) 

Check out some of her recent pics, and pics of BIEBER and GOMEZ together. With her new song out and coupled up with Bieber, she could be a hott ticket... and RATINGS on my blog :-)

'Oh, you MAAAD now, huh?' - Justin Bieber ad-lib

Pic: DailyMail

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