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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

MediaTakeout Misses The Mark-- These Exotic, Strange Stilettos Are Actually Nice!!


Many people on MediaTakeout was talking about these Alexander McQueen Floral Wedge T-Strap sandals. It has a solid construction to it and plus has solid gold on it. called it ATROCIOUS; they apparently don't know haute couture. And... no one can tell me any different, unless you have HIGHER fashion sense than me, these shoes are HOTT and it glorifies any ladies' feet and beautiful legs.

It's BEAUTIFUL!! Women, imagine walking on real gold leaves, QUEEN OF YOUR OWN EMPIRE.
It's has a price fit for a queen, too: 

Yikes... it's nice but we ain't crazy (guys to buy these shoes for their honey and women to buy these shoes. But hey... there's somebody out there who will...)

It would look good... just remember to lotion up those feet.

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