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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

JAIDEN's 'Sneaker of the Day': Nike AirTrainer Volt

Nike Air Trainer 1   White   Black   Volt | Euro Exclusive

Here's what caught my eyes today, like a shock-k-kkk-kkk. After all, these sneakers are called the Nike AirTrainer Volt. This is a versatile sneaker that can be rocked at the gym (be in style when working out), at school (learn in style and comfort), and when you're just chillin'.

The brightness of the sneaker REQUIRES that it not be covered up with baggy jeans. For sneakers which have a look like this (brightness, texture, classic appeal), the jeans are to be regular fitted jeans (but not SKINNY.... please don't do that.) that come down to just above the middle of the sneaker.

Ya like??

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