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Thursday, April 21, 2011

BEYONCE In Hip-Hop Wear + Lauren London (Oh So Hott) On Cover of 'Rolling Out' Magazine

Lookin' STREET, huh?

Check out Beyonce at Disneyland with friends and Solange's ex-husband (hmmmm....)  wearing some 'CIARA-esque' street pants and suede boots (probably by Brian Atwood-- will confirm). And... that's also a 'GOOFY' hat she's wearing; I remember I had that when I went to the amusement park as a little boy. AWWW... good times. This is a HOTT look, though.

beyonce at disneyland park


...And check out Lauren London's pic on the cover of 'Rolling Out' Magazine. Ladies..... make your DREAM become a REALITY!
THE ONLY JAIDEN says, 'You can do it!!!'

Well-placed outfit... not too sure about the jeans that come a bit far up the waistline... looks a little like Jessica Simpson's 'mom jeans' from 2009.

Pic: Necole B***hie

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