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Friday, April 22, 2011

SOULJA BOY's Throwback '80s Haircut + Da Brat's Dookie Braids w/ Colored Rubber Bands (FAIL)

I see a significant number of high school boys starting to rock the haircuts popular in the '80s, kind of like Soulja Boy's look (above). It's a cool look. Doesn't it just scream ART and 'Do the Right Thing' (Spike Lee)??

While in contrast, DA BRAT (old school rapper and Raven Symone's half-sister, which I find very hard to believe) was recently released from prison and she was tryin' to bring back her old days by wearing her mini-dookie braids with colored rubber bands. See below:

I know HOMEGIRL is trying to make a comeback and invoke a reminder of the late '80s/early '90s era, but in 2011?? Like this?? FAIL, FAIL, FAIL in the name of fashion!!!!

Pic: Fader / Necole B***hie

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