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Saturday, April 16, 2011

'WERK IT" Factor: EVA MARCELLE In Stunning, Head-Turning Blue Mini-Dress!!


Too many HOTT SUPERMODELS, more than I can handle *LoL*. Anyhoo, check out model/actress Eva Marcelle Pigford out on the town with friends wearing a NECK-SNAPPING blue minidress, matching heels, a sequined clutch, and a wonderful complexion to play up her fun twist of a blonde haircut.

It's a hott look, but I wish she'd do something different to her toning down the blonde to more of a honey blonde mixed with brown... or somethin' like that.

Now to the FASHIONISTA (who wants to know exactly what Eva's items were): Eva wore a Naven silk party dress for $420, it has 'broad shoulders,' a full back opening, and an elastic hem. She also had a PRADA sequin clutch in her hand for $1,100 (remember what I said about SEQUINS comin' into style hard in 2011), and Christian Louboutin Mago Platform Pumps for $795.

BOSS, BOSS, BOSS!!!! I want EVA on my arms *LoL*  

OH LAWD... look who it is on the left... it's that heels-wearing stylist Derek J from 'Housewives of ATL'

Pic: UpscaleHype


@RonaldRanier said...

She's hott and apparently banking!

Hue and Jaiden said...

I kno rite...

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