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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

FONZWORTH BENTLEY And Isaac Carree Style At BET 'Celebration of Gospel'

Just something about dressing up to do some CHURCH can really bring out the best as far as style. As a church guy, I'm fond of suits, even though I don't wear them much, and I'm even more fond of a suit when it's played up a particular way. The perfect example is above, with gospel music artist Isaac Carree (left) and Fonzworth Bentley (right).

Isaac has his look done up right with an off-white vest/pants combo, blazer, and the checkered tie inserted cleverly into his vest to produce the 'short tie' effect. Shoes are killer, too.

Now Fonzworth: I've always been a great fan of wild and electric style; Fonzworth embodies that with his multi-colored outfit (especially RED pants, even though I'll dare not wear them) and signature velvet slippers. BOSS!

2011 photo

2011 photo


Pic: Google / BET

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