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Sunday, February 27, 2011

KANYE WEST: Balmain, Burberry, and Chicago Bulls

What do Kanye West, BALMAIN, Burberry, and Chicago Bulls have in common? He "visited" them all in one day. He was first spotted in NYC doing some ish that he usually does; he wore a Burberry Prorsum Green Shearling Coat from the Fall 2010 collection, a BALMAIN sleeveless hoodie (seen in above pic), and SMOOOOTH black Raf Simons sneakers, for $697 (below). OH-wait a minute-- he's also wearing vintage Cartier sunglasses.

THE LOOK IS HOTT. Thumbs up. Well... except that the white shearling might be a bit much; it's not for everyone.

Kanye later changed it up a bit by wearing Air Jordan Retro sneakers when he stopped by Chicago to catch the game (Chicago Bulls beat Miami Heat). Check out more pics:

Dat's wassup... stepping into the Maybach... ayy DRIVER, don't hit the door on that lightpole!!!

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