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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

FLOYD MAYWEATHER & Fiancee at B-Ball Game; They're LOADED!!

I was just talking about Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his fiancee "Miss Jackson," and then WHADDAYA KNOW, I found a recent pic of them at the Heat/Knicks game. Man.....


These two were looking great--especially Miss Jackson--and the labels that they were wearing, especially Floyd, were labels that you know the price is going to be astronomical. Floyd wore a 'BIG H' Hermes belt for approximately $1,000 and a Gucci V-neck sweater for $475. And while they look great, I just have this thing about 'wearing too much at once.' What I'm talking about is Floyd's bling. Floyd's Hermes belt is severely CHEAPENED by the potency of the sparkly $1.5 MILLION watch and diamond bracelet he was wearing (featured in recent post).

It doesn't matter about the PRICE, it's about what you're wearing. RESPECT THE BRANDS YOU'RE WEARING. If you have a lot of bling, keep it confined to one area, not 'too much' in more than one area (i.e. Floyd's Hermes belt and diamond watch). Floyd would've nailed his entire look with either the belt or watch, but not both. HERMES is a brand you just don't fool around with....

Pic: UpscaleHype

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