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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Rihanna's Look: the All-American Look In The Sizzlin' Hot Weather...

rihanna hotel nyc sundress 16

Check out a couple of pics of Rihanna looking her sexiest in this crazy heat wave that's sweeping over the eastern united States; NYC was 104 degrees recently.

Here's a couple ways you ladies could stay cool--and COOL as in 'swag'-- as the heat bears down on you...

rihanna hotel nyc sundress 06rihanna kathy griffin karaoke 04

(Left) Rihanna in black maxi sundress with Fendi clutch
(Right) Rihanna in flannel print cotton shirt, cutoff shorts, Prada brogues, BBC cap

That girl is TOO fine.

Pic: Just Jared

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