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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Superbowl XLVI Special: Floyd Mayweather, 50-Cent, P-Reala Representing New York Giants After The Game!

Check out these heavy-hitters: Floyd Mayweather, 50-Cent, and P-Reala and their trendy and fashionable wear. Keep in mind that my blog doesn't discuss the politics of music but FASHION only; the music artists happen to be the ones INCLINED into fashion.

I say the best was Floyd Mayweather with his GIANTS snapback cap, brown leather bomber jacket, Louis Vuitton sweater, dark denim jeans. 50 and P-Reala was cool, too but RULE OF THUMB: Don't wear matching jeans with the jacket; it's not 1998. This bears REPEATING: It's okay to have denim hues within the same color, but NOT matching.

Pic: Facebook

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