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Friday, February 10, 2012

LaLa Vasquez: Great Dress, Not-So-Great Makeup

LaLa Vasquez was spotted at a charity event looking beautiful and trim with this one-shouldered deep orange gown... but the MAKEUP was all wrong! Usually her makeup is done right to lessen the rather low eyelids and upper lip that LaLa has, which may make her appear slight seductive or just plain sleepy.

Bare and/or colored makeup around the eyes help lift up and brighten up the face, NOT THE SMOKY EYE for LaLa's kind of eyes; clear lip gloss is a nice touch too.

Less is MORE, ladies! By the way, I hope that LaLa gets a 'face coach' for photos, just for someone to help her utilize a more radiant facial expression for the cameras.

Pic: MTO

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