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Thursday, February 9, 2012

BODY ART: The Story Behind NY Giants' Devin Thomas's Tattoos

Devin Thomas tattoo body

It's always so cool and interesting to see a story behind a tattoo or tattoos. In New York Giants' Devin Thomas's case, his BODY ART is a book! See below to see what they mean, in Devin's words:

The tats include a spartan, a Wolverine (name of the college team in his hometown of Ann Arbor, Michigan) , a prayer that use to be located on his mom’s wall (he had it inked after she passed away) and a scene from ancient Egypt. He also had a Broken Heart and HK (Heartbreak kid) inked behind his ear after his heart was broken by a girl during his second year in the NFL, a cartoon warrior name Goku on his back (to protect him) as well as the words ‘Love, Live Life’ (to represent his key to happiness: “Love and then you’ll be able to live life”).
“Obviously, being in D.C., it was very stressful. After the season, I was ready to get to a needle.” He’s now, with the Giants team, happier than he’s ever been, he said, and so “I don’t have to express my anger so much.” The tattooing has slowed and is more subtle, but that’s not a precursor to the complete end of his inking.

-Wall Street Journal, via Necole B***hie

Devin Thomas of the Giants Inked Up

Pic: Necole B***hie

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