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Thursday, April 7, 2011

RENEE ZELLWEGER Rocks A Bold Red Trench Coat! It Takes Spunk and Know-How...

Like red lipstick returning, the bold look of RED is making a swift return to America. Bright colors once entered the market heavily in the '80s when women of all shades wore red lipstick (yes, I remember my mom and grandma doing the same thing). Now, here is actress Renee Zellweger who rocked a trench coat to an event in affiliation with Tommy Hilfiger.

This is quite the TOMMY HILFIGER look. Remember those days?? Aww... I remember my TOMMY days.

But anyway, I have to give a THUMBS UP to Renee because she pulled it off well. Even though the coat is bright red, it's simplistic in design and never is over-the-top. When you have something this bold, there's no need to add anything more; just make sure your other colors are near neutral (i.e. RED COAT w/ tan pants or jeans, shoes, accessories).

Pic: Celebuzz

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