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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nicki Minaj's KING-SIZED Donk + Willow Smith In ELLE Magazine

I, THE ONLY JAIDEN, love me some Nicki Minaj purely for her "artisical creativisimal ability (that didn't even make sense, but you know what I mean)." And while I admire her, I can't help but to notice that her already impressive backside has grown a little bit. Maybe she did a few squats or something... or maybe it's the bright outfit that gives off the illusion.

...In other news....

Willow Smith, the 10-year-old "Whip My Hair" and "21st Century Girl" singer, is featured in ELLE Magazine looking tough and cute at the same time. This whole ambiance of the photo is interesting, especially in black and white, including the contrast between the tutu and the punching bag. The issue is due in stands SOON. Check her out if you haven't.

Maaaan, this lil' girl is taking ova'......

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