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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Off-Color: My City, DETROIT, Boos Charlie Sheen Off Stage


Guess the people got what they paid for: A drunken man that they can BOO. I don't know why people think that they're going to get ENTERTAINMENT out of something like that. Check out this New York Times review on Charlie Sheen at Detroit's FOX THEATRE:

As it happened, Mr. Sheen and Detroit proved to be a disastrous match. The Fox, a lavishly ornamented, carefully restored 5,000-seat show palace evoking a lost golden age of spectacle, is beautiful, but the scene there was ugly, as a boisterous, liquored-up capacity crowd greeted Mr. Sheen with cheers that quickly turned to boos. The show — a ragged mix of video clips, ear-splitting music, profanity-laced monologues and clumsy attempts to encourage audience participation — did not so much end as collapse. After a little more than an hour Mr. Sheen turned the stage over to a rapper he said would “wake up” the increasingly belligerent spectators, or maybe calm them down. After a Snoop Dogg video, the house lights went up, and though the headliner briefly returned to trade insults with a mostly empty house, the evening clearly had not gone according to plan. If there ever was a plan.

I don't know if that's just the way Detroit feels, or will other cities feel the same way, but we'll see...

Sheen at Detroit's FOX Theatre

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