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Saturday, April 9, 2011


In every country, there's a certain woman of recognition and power who is looked upon as a staple of the nation. For the United States, it's first lady Michelle Obama. For the newest royal couple soon to be wed, it's Kate Middleton.

Her royal style is often notable for being not too 'traditional' but just right for any occasion, kind of like Mrs. Obama. So I just want to briefly show you a few selections of Kate Middleton's wardrobe that I found to be nice; I will use this for my upcoming WOMEN's LOOKBOOK:

These are simple, on-the-go, can't-go-wrong looks fit for women around the world.

When a lady steps out, she must turn heads with her smile, her subtle curves, her free-flowing dress that flatters her body and renders her a mysterious, sexy princess *Nice play on words, JAIDEN -LoL-*

Now, just waiting to see what else she's wearing on the days leading up to the Royal Wedding at Westminster Abbey on April 29, 2011... THE ONLY JAIDEN will keep you updated the Only Jaiden way.

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