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Saturday, December 18, 2010

DIDDY Shows Off His Fresh "Rosewood/ Harlem-ish" Style On YouTube

DIDDY was showing off what he was wearing in a YouTube video, which was very free-ee-ss-ss-hhh!!! Fresh to me means that something is hott, right to the point, no copies, all haters, just right.

In his latest album "Last Train To Paris," Diddy has been doing a lot of out-of-the-box stuff, like he's breaking into a new era, I think it's just flyy in terms of style and where he's trying to go. here's what he was wearing as stated by UpscaleHype:

Anticipating yesterday’s release of the Dirty Money album, Last Train To Paris, Diddy put out a vlog showing us how he’s fresh from head to toe. In the video Diddy is wearing Carrera Machu Sunglasses ($95), a fur collared coat, Rolex watch, YSL logo belt ($395), with a pair of Adidas DB Gazelle Mid sneakers (approx. $212).

Check out the video; see more pics later.


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